In 1993, Sweet Water hosted a special show at RCKNDY and asked me to make a ticket for their night. I had worked with them on a few projects so we stretched forward to get these printed in gold foil.

Jeff Ament saw the tickets and brought the example back to his band. Pearl Jam had been working hard to find a way to do tickets for their own shows, protesting Ticketmaster‘s high fees for fans. On May 6, 1994, the band filed an official complaint with the Justice Department, leading to testimony before Congress.

In 1995, I got the rare opportunity to draw the tickets for their independent concerts. The design went through many iterations as we incorporated anti counterfeiting measures. Inkjet tickets did not pass at the event but unfortunately did sell to some fans who were unaware of what was official.

I have always enjoyed talking to band members, seeking them out. These were people with aspirations, carrying them selves with the belief it could be done. I immediately found connection with Jeff because he was also a visual artist, painting on his leather jacket like I did. I had a great appreciation for the art he made for his bands, even forming Ames Bros Design along with his brother Barry and Coby Schultz to execute their ideas.