A polygonal mesh is defined by its relationships between vertices, edges and the faces they create. Low numbers of polygons and well placed supporting edges not only produce efficient forms, the proportions within the related points are also complimentary to one another. In modeling, the totality of relationship necessarily creates a grace in constitution.

As I built structures and see these relationships, I find increasing joy in math’s ability to reveal nature. The more I learn about physics, the more I believe it can produce the consummate artwork. Nature has an elegance in its making which can be seen in its design. The software, as it is also the combined efforts of its contributors, allows me to intersect physical laws with yet unrelated concepts.

I am using Maya to create a lager painting table whose stance is like an animal, having direction, dialectic, responding to difference. A few seconds of video are below. Composed of straight and curve, in difference and intersection, the structure of the table is expressed through the dynamics of flow I have seen to produce the most compelling forms.

The vessel animal is one we can travel with, to institutions and outlying areas where the deepest aspects of our generative humanity can be seen clearly.