A colorful layout of scenes from the Alice In Chains graphic novel, Hell Within.

Hell Within was unique. Pioneering several internet ideas in the mid 90’s, Scott Blum had the insight to make a visual story as an interactive game to appear as a bonus on a future Alice In Chains CD. Four years later, I had the art finished for the 1999 Alice In Chains box set, Music Bank. It was an involved production, a rock opera, and I made it a personal goal to complete as the band went though its most difficult period. Set in four circles of Dante’s Inferno, the player navigates the story in a View-Master style adventure. I used Macromedia’s Director to facilitate clicks on different areas of the image as songs from the band’s catalog play in background.

Fluorescing yellow and green souls are uprooted from hell and rise.
Sock reches towards you from the darkness.
Blue beams eminate from the holes where the souls left the ground.
Money is growing from old dead trees.
Sokak speaks in psychedelic text
A light in the distance glow atop a pyramid.