I would like to invite you to my gallery opening at the Paramount Theater on Thursday evening, March 16, in Seattle WA to celebrate the spirit of theater and painting as seeing places, in the Greek Theatron.

As long as I have been painting, I have been able to race to the Paramount Theater for perceptions beyond what I was imagining. I modeled this scene in Maya, from the handicap seat where I continually reframe my mind.

The Illuvium paintings rise from an apeiron under structure, through a roiling aphros sea foam of creation, to forms we recognize as we ascribe meaning together in a dialectic propulsion forward.

This last year, I realized my efforts of the past decade, to build a 16 foot painting table for collaborations with strangers. With an Arts in Parks grant, we poured with friends, neighbors and outliers in Cal Anderson Park. We also painted for three days with festival goers at Thing in Port Townsend. After several iterations of the table design with Timothy and Patrick at Dolan Construction, we prepared the table to shoot a video on the Paramount stage, with the Seattle Theater Group crew, in blue anamorphic flares as creators in the arena of action.

We will be showing our video, and the first successful 16 foot collaboration in a frame, among the best I have to offer.

The gallery event begins at 7 PM. At 9 PM, we will move from the gallery to the lobby under the chandeliers, for an hour of ecstatic dance, with smoke, strobes and sound to see your skeleton. As a celebration of being together and offering art to one another, it will be a place to dress up, go beyond and perceive in other ways.