Interference acrylic on masonite
36″ x 20″

For each painting I design a specific jig to deform a Masonite canvas which becomes pliable like fabric when draped over a form. I dilute interference acrylic paints to a consistency of milk. The paint contains tiny mica flakes which sparkle as they tumble in currents. In a transference from below, the under-structure guides particles across its surface above, effecting time with hills to slow progress and weighed holes to accelerate flows.

The weighted hole shows where dense matter disappears to, and in opposition, radiates from. It is curious to me how this nexus often becomes the eye of animals appearing in these flows of energy.

Photo by Sarah Jurado
Photo by Sarah Jurado

Visiting Nancy Guppy in the Art Zone studio. Photo by Momcilo Motzo Bozic
Illuvium paintings in Shift. Kenedy Center,DC. Photo by Greg Staley