The shape of this animal was formed apropos, by a push and contraction in a liquid medium. These paintings are poured on a flat surface, often with a weighted hole where the paint and water drains beneath the canvas. The hole is the heaviest, lowest point on the landscape and pulls pigment to it. This nexus become an eye with lashes.

I plugged the hole on this canvas, filled the surface with water and poured a diluted mixture of water and Golden Artist Color’s Interference Blue Fluid Acrylic, into the body of water. Adding GAC 700 and mixing the paint with an egg beater creates foam. A push into the system caused the tentacles to erupt uphill. Removing the plug allowed these rivers to flow back to the center.

Water pronounces the dynamics of life-forming-relationships, with pigments as markers elucidating the convivial forces favorable to life. Through the peristaltic action of waves, materials aggregate to texture, and here, an investment of energy and the return to its origin has also reinforced character.

Abstract painting of a cuttlefish.

Eyelashes of Conciseness
Flow of mica flakes in solution on engineered landscape.
48″ x 76″

Photo: Wynne H. Earle
Photo: Wynne H. Earle